our process

1. Discovery

The most important part of our Discovery is to Listen to what you have to say about your challenge, your needs, your business, your industry and anything else you deem important.  Perhaps you want us to speak with others as well to gather various viewpoints and perspectives.  After listening, reviewing and summarizing all available information we assess the situation and develop our Project Brief including our Statement of Understanding.  We review the Project Brief with you and, with your approval, begin work on the next step.

2. Research

Depending on the nature of the project, we may need to gather additional information.  This could be informal interviews with key internal and external stakeholders.  In some cases, a formalized research project may be needed to uncover critical information to ensure success of the project.  In any case, we only gather and analyze data to the extent that it will provide critical information which will reduce risk and maximize project success.

3. Objectives & Strategy

Based on the results of the first two phases, we create hard objectives characterized by being measureable, time-bound and action oriented.  These objectives, along with all other information provide the foundation for strategy development.  Once objectives and overarching strategies are developed, they are carefully reviewed with you before moving to the next phase.

4. Planning

With Objectives and Strategies approved, we develop the project plan.  Our plans always start with a statement of objectives and strategies that guide the creation of the plan including tactical elements, specific tasks, responsibilities, timeline, budget, key milestones as well as feedback and update protocols.  This is a ‘living’ plan which is accessible by the project team for viewing and updating, and has built-in flexibility.  This plan is reviewed with, and approved by you before creative development begins.

5. Creative Development

Guided by the approved project objectives, strategies and plan, we now generate the required creative approaches and review them with you. Then we begin executing all tactical elements of the plan. the execution phase of all creative materials.

6. Execution

In this phase we manage the work and completion and implementation of all tasks based on the plan timeline, responsibilities and budget. In addition, regular updates from all activities are reviewed with you.

7. Project Evaluation

When the execution phase ends, we don’t.  We conduct a post-project analysis of the results, analyze them against our initial objectives and provide a comprehensive report to you of everything that took place.  Just as important, we also provide to you with new learnings that evolved as part of the project execution, recommendations for improvement for future work and any new opportunities that were discovered.