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Kent Wilson Design is a strategic marketing company focused on improving marketing results within profit and non-profit organizations, and has been providing effective solutions since 2006. At Kent Wilson Design, we help our clients create new opportunities.

The answers to improving your bottom line can lie in a fresh approach to your
existing marketing. We combine new compelling ideas with fact based strategies to connect with audiences and draw them to brands.

We utilize customer insights, and the brand identity to develop a strategic platform for all assignments. This platform provides the basis for all of the work we do; strategy development, planning and all creative design.

We judge the success of our efforts by how well they meet or exceed our clients’ goals and expectations. So, we carefully track and report on results throughout the project life and provide a complete summary noting new learnings and recommendations for future work.

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Kent Wilson, Owner

why Us?

Building brands is never an easy task, nor is finding the right partner to help you do it. We have the knowledge and experience to build your brand, but are we a good fit for you and your company? If you perceive the following as benefits, then we should talk:
We have years of hands on work experience learning the hows and whys of creating the best marketing solution for your unique situation. This experience is deep and wide within the areas of our core capabilities.
Regardless of how “generic” a particular situation may appear, the solutions we propose are based on the available facts and understanding of the market(s) within which you compete, and take into account your specific culture and operating protocols.
From the outset of every project, everything we do is focused on achieving your specific, measurable objectives and every project plan starts with a clearly stated Purpose.
We utilize an independent consortium of marketing professionals for project work so you always receive work done by experts and you only pay for the direct work needed in a particular area, for a particular project. Your dollars do not go towards overhead for non-essential personnel.
We work with marketing professionals whom we have personally vetted, and who we consider masters in their respective marketing fields. They have significant depth of knowledge and experience in their specialty area and actively keep abreast of the latest research, methodologies and findings…because we are always learning.
We create enduring partnerships with our clients because we understand what a business relationship means to both partners. The key components of our partnerships are characterized by:

True Partners—When asked to solve a problem, we own that problem with our client.
Compatibility—We understand our clients’ business and the marketplace within which they compete. We genuinely like working with our clients and support their mission.
Integrity—Our clients know that we will do what we say we will do and in a manner consistent with their organizational culture and operating protocols.
Cogent Communications—All communications with our clients are open, honest and clear. We spend most of our time listening.
Commitment—Our commitment to our clients is to meet or exceed their goals, objectives and expectations on every project we undertake.